Farmer’s racer is making traditional workwear, based on the venue of craft, shared know-how, and sustainability. The smal workshop is located on the edge of the large spruce forests of the south east of Sweden. An area renowned for craftsmanship, farming and red barns. This heritage is used to design workwear and every day accessories from ecological textiles and veg tanned leather. Most  items are made-to-order. Some are totally hand made, some are tailored using vintage sewing machines. Things made in this workshop should last a life time in the hands of a caring owner.

Buying is done the old way. There are no buy-button or specific shop on farmer’s racer. Orders are placed via mail, and payment is arranged using PayPal or other card services. Most craft is made-to-order, and only a few items are tailored in advance to be able to display the models and design. Items for sale is marked with price and features. Sold items are marked as sold. Taxfree export and shipping costs are calculated together with the customer.

Lars Gustavsson – founder and craftsman of farmer’s racer